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Hello, my name is Wild Bill. Welcome to my wife Tracy's website. We are a swinging couple from Chester County Pa. We also have a Condo in a nudist resort in Tampa Florida were we spend most winter months. Have you ever wondered what went on behind closed doors at swingers clubs, or do you have the fantasy of watching your hot wife with other men? Then this website is exactly what you have been looking for!



A Cum Swapping Threesomen

I have another hot update for you this week!! I had so much fun with my member Mats that was in town from Sweden a few weeks ago, that I wanted to share him. He had never been with two girls at the same time before, so I called my good friend Trisha, from TrishaSwallows.com, and the three of us got together one afternoon and had a very hot threesome!! We all had a sexy time as we explored all the different positions that a threesome entails...:) His big cock was hard instantly as the two of us started kissing on each other, and then on him. I let Trisha enjoy sucking his hard cock while Mats licked and suck on my pussy. Since he had already fucked my tight pussy, and he was dying to try out another new one, he mounted Trisha and gave her a good, "Swedish" fuck!! I wanted another ride on that cock too, so he went from one pussy to another, fucking us both, as we laid there wanting more!! Now with two hot gals taking advantage of your hard cock, like we were with him, it wasn't long before he was ready to release all of the man sperm!! You know Trisha, she is a cum whore like me, and the two of us wanted to have him squirt that juice all over our faces and in our mouths!! He got us both, right in our pie holes!! I tasted yummy and Trisha and I did a cum swapping show, swapping his cum back and forth, that he loved watching...:) It was another hot three some afternoon here in sunny Tampa....and if you would like me to set up a threesome for you, just e-mail me and let me know. I can be more than accommodating!! (Unfortunately, their camera had some problems in the middle of the shoot so some of the photos are captured from the video.....but still a hot fuck session!!) Enjoy, cause we certainly all did!!


This update is a shoot that I did with Score Magazine, I think about 2 years ago, that they have finally released. (Man….time flies when you're having fun...lol) Anyway yours truly gets a gooey "creampie" from JMac's young, hard cock!! I am dressed for sex in a tight lime green dress and panties as I start seducing this young buc!! I fuck-talk my way through this scene as I have my way with JMac's big cock (we never see JMac's face; just his huge cock), and when JMac can't hold himself back any longer, he cums inside my tight pussy and gives me a gooey creampie. Oh how I love the feeling of my pussy being filled up with cum....and then how it oozes out. Hot stuff!! I hope you enjoy the photos and videos that are all up for your today. So get your cock out, close your eyes and let me go to town on your cock so you can fill my pussy up with your gooey cum too!


My Frisky Photographer!n

I have a new photographer that I am breaking in. Anyway, we were shooting these pictures and I noticed him getting a bulge in his shorts while he was taking the pictures. I must say that is such a huge turn on for me knowing that you all get a boner when you watch me, but seeing it actually happen in front of me is very hot! He was pretending that he didn't notice anything, but you know me, I had to take a peak of his cock in his shorts, and then of course I had to taste it too. (You will notice in my pictures that my pussy starts to get wet when all this started.) I really wanted to feel his cock inside of me now, and since we didn't have anyone else around to shoot for us, we decided to take some selfies while doing it! As it turns out that was a little more difficult than I thought it would be, holding that heavy camera in the air while we were enjoying the action, but we managed pretty good and had fun doing it. And just as we started to get the hang of it, we had to cut the shoot quickly short because my pool guy showed up and my bedroom opens right up to the pool lanai....lol. Looking back I guess we could have asked him to take the pictures for us, or even have had him join in, but we were so caught off guard that we both ran into the bathroom and started cracking up like were teenagers again...lol. I have to say it was a fun shooting day in TracyLand...:) Enjoy the pictures....and oh, you might notice that I trimmed my bush a little. I just squared it up a bit, getting rid of the wide triangle and making it more like a thick landing strip down the center....I like it. Let me know what you think??

Our February Meet and Greet Party!n

Here are the pictures up from our February Meet & Greet party. It had been quite a few months since our last party...I think it was about 7 months to be exact, and it was so great to see a bunch of you. We had a great turn out of "webgirls" for everyone to mingle with. Mandi was there along with Kristine Cumz, Rebecca, a new comer Licky Jane and even the Swinging Granny made an appearance. There was also a great turn out of naughty couples, fans and members showing their support for all of us. I really appreciate you all making the effort to show up and I hope you can all make it again next month. The new room was definitely a bit different than the old LA Hangout that we were so used to, but overall, and with a few tweaks, I know it will work out for us. And when the weather gets warmer they have that fantastic outdoor bar that I can't wait to sit at with you all...:) Woo hoo.....can we say let's see some outdoor flashing..:) So be sure and cum out to our next Meet & Greet party which will take place on Thursday night, March 2nd at our new location in Lutz, and party with the hottest Milf's in the Tampa area. The name of the new Bar/Restaurant is called “La Yuma” and believe it or not it is located in the old LA Hangout location. We will be there from 8:00 - 11:00 PM, so be sure and show up on time! We have decided to open the parties up not only to you, our loyal members and fans, but also to anyone in the adult industry, as well as in the swinging lifestyle, to try and get some more networking going on. You will be very impressed with the new facility, just like we were. They have completely remodeled the entire building with a Cuban theme and it is absolutely beautiful. We will have our own private party room with attached restrooms, along with our own private cocktail servers. Of course there is a full menu with a Cuban flare if you are hungry and a very large bar with all types of cocktails to be enjoyed. I am really excited about partying with all of my wonderful members again in person and we look forward to seeing you all there..:)