And the action continues….. A bunch of our friends from New York city came down on a mini vacation to try and escape the cold, and of course I was not going to let them go home without some hot action….:) I take on five big, black cocks, and some white ones too, and was loving it!! I had my hands and mouth full in no time…..and my pussy too!! Lots of facial cum loads in this adventure!! 100 photos posted on Tuesday with the final 6 videos posted today!! Over an hour and a half of video total!! Enjoy!!

It was a hot afternoon…..and I am not just talking about the weather!! A group of us got together to relax one afternoon by the pool and well, needless to say, when we get together we can never seem to keep our hands off of each other….or the large cock next to us either!! Over 700 photos and one hour of video in this crazy adventure. Stay tuned for the videos to start on Tuesday!! Lots of hot group, outdoor fucking and sucking action that you won’t want to miss!! Enjoy!!

I’m sorry I posted the  Bar meet here so late, but I didn’t start my blog until just recently. Well, it was another wild night here in Tampa at our January, Member’s Bar Meet!! We had another great turn out of member’s and couples who all jumped right into the action. Not only where the dancing poles busy all night, but the bar was hopping with us throwing our naked bodies on it, licking sugar and lemon shots off of each other!! Yummy!! Don’t miss Februarys’ Bar Meet……guaranteed more fun to be had by all. See ya there! Over 200 photos posted in this series.


As you know, member’s are always e-mail me with their ideas for custom videos. Well, this lucky member, whose name is obviously Joe, got his wish. He wanted to see me masturbate for him and then suck and fuck a guy that looked like him while I talked dirty to him and called out his name, all while looking at the camera. So, if your name is Joe, then this video adventure is for you!! 30 minutes of video now posted.


Yet another bar meet. This was last years bar meet in November. Do we know how to have fun, or what?? It was another great turn out at our November Member’s Bar Meet. We had a great crowd of over 100 people who where ready to party!! In fact, the two hotties to the left will be joining us in the HottieWives soon!! Lots of web girls, couples and guys came out and we all had a great time!! Don’t miss our December party…..Santa will be there, and of course his little helpers all dressed up, and we will be having lots of giveaways!! Enjoy!!

My weeks are just too stressful anymore. I needed to relax. Double Dee asked me to come over, and little did I know she had a big surprise in store for me……:) What could be more relaxing than taking a hot bubble bath with Dee? (I can’t think of anything.) But you know what always happens when we get together…..we just can’t seem to keep our hands off of each other…..:) Over 150 photos now posted with 15 minutes of video. More next week!!


Tracy is at it again, we where out last night for dinner at a local Tampa restaurant. with Gabby and Deep Stroke from the Mandingos. We had a cute little Blonde waitress that we believe to or not talked into coming back to Gabby and her husbands house for some more cocktails after the bar closed. The girls got her drunk and talked her into being an Adventure… Enjoy, the photos are now posted and we have an hour worth of videos starting Monday……. Enjoy Wild Bill.

I love to get presents, and this night I got a good one!! A good friend of ours was commenting on how many times we have been together at parties, but had never really been together…..:) So he decided that he owed me a “Belated Present.” Well, you know me, I will never turn down a nice gift, especially if a stiff cock is involved!! He certainly gives it me good, as you will see!!! 100 photos posted today with 6 hot videos coming on Thursday…stay tuned!!

I am glad you all enjoyed the live radio and web cam show that I did last Thursday with Screamin’ Sam, which you were able to view through the CamZ network.  For those of you that missed it I have posted about 25 minutes of the show, and a few photos. As you can see we had a great time and he would like me to come back again and bring some of my girlfriends with me to do another show……hmmmm…..maybe I will have to pack some of my dildos the next time…..:)


Take a peak at the photos and videos and welcome one of our new HottieWives to the group. Chillie and her husband David did……..and they did a great job at it!! Hey….no fair!! Wild Bill and I are jealous, but we will have our way with her one day soon…..and I am looking forward to it!! David is working hard on her member’s area and he told me that it was just near completion, so stay tuned for some more, new, HottieWife action coming soon!!