These photos were taken a few months ago, and I just found them on Wild Bill’s computer. Member’s are always e-mail me for more “glamour” type photos, so I decided to post them for you, even though I don’t think I look all that great in them…..:) You know me, I love being outdoors a being able to be nude is even a bigger turn on for me…..:) If you have ideas for some glamour type photo shoots that you would like to see, make sure you e-mail me and I will try and make your wish cum true…..:)

PART I: Wild Bill and I stopped by Dee’s house one afternoon, when little did I know, she was busy with two big, black cocks!! I mentioned that it had been a while since my last black cock, and Dee, being the good hostess that she is, asked the guys if they were up for a little more white pussy. The guys shook their heads, yes! They were both long and thick and I knew my little, tight, pussy would be stretched to the max, but I just couldn’t resist getting some black meat in me again!! 200 photos & 4 videos now posted

Last week, Wild Bill and I were able to get together with Used Blonde and her husband. Lots of you still e-mail me about her and wonder what she is up to…..well, they are busy running back and forth to Seattle. Anyway, Saul gave me some videos of Used Blonde and I at a Bukakke party!! You know how Used Blonde enjoyed her cocks and I thought it would be fun if you all got to see her, and me, in action together again…..:) I have posted 30 minutes of video today……an oldie but a goodie!!

Today’s adventure starts off the Member’s Gang Bang Party that we had last week, on Saturday night, March 25th!! We had a great turn out of members and Double Dee, Chillie, Roberta and I were more than willing to take on all of our member’s and have them go home satisfied!!! Roberta and I were the official “fluffers” so watch how things turn out…:) Posted last week were the first 100 photos. Today I have posted the first four videos and will be posting some more photos and videos on Thursday! Enjoy!!

Do my member’s spoil me or what? Mark came down all the way from Indiana to visit me and he didn’t come empty handed. He brought me a toy called “gyrospheres” which are gravity activated sensation balls which, after a good pussy eating, we tried out, and they really got me off!! Of course I couldn’t let him leave empty handed either, so I sent him on his way with a ball emptying blow job…..:) Thank you, Mark!!

We had our Member’s Bar Meet last Thursday night, here in Tampa. As usual, we had a great turn out of the “HotttieWives,” as well as our member’s, and quite a few couples…..everyone was looking to have some fun…..and we always do!! Some young dancers showed up and got the party going with some great pole dancing and then the clothes started coming off!! Want to see how much fun we really have?? Well, check out the 100 photos that I have now posted!! Enjoy!!


Take a peak at the photos and videos and welcome one of our new HottieWives to the group. Chillie and her husband David did……..and they did a great job at it!! Hey….no fair!! Wild Bill and I are jealous, but we will have our way with her one day soon…..and I am looking forward to it!! David is working hard on her member’s area and he told me that it was just near completion, so stay tuned for some more, new, HottieWife action coming soon!!


You guys are going to love this one!! The boat was beautiful, the weather was perfect and the guys and gals were hot!! Yes, hot!! It did not take us long to start rubbing the sun tan oil on each other and get all worked up, and…..well, I am not going to ruin the surprise, but lets say the other boats that where passing by were wishing they were on our boat…you will too when you see the photos and videos of this wild afternoon!!! Enjoy!!

What a wild night!! It was another great turn out of member’s and HottieWives at our Member’s Bar Meet that we had on the 18th!! The gentleman to the left obviously had a very happy birthday and the girls got very playful with each other on the dance floor and brass pole!! Over 200 photos are now posted of this crazy night for you to see!! Hopefully you will come out and join us at our next one in Tampa. The date is now posted. Hope to see ya there!!


Last Thursday night we had our February Member’s Bar Meet and we had another fun night… a matter of fact we were all doing so much talking and laughing that I forgot to get my camera out early and start taking the “build up” pictures… today you will see, we jump right into the action!! Everyone was dressed in red, for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, and they were smokin’ hot!! I have posted about 100 photos of this great night!! March’s will be on the 1st with the Gang Bang party on the 3rd!