It was a hot afternoon…..and I am not just talking about the weather!! A group of us got together to relax one afternoon by the pool and well, needless to say, when we get together we can never seem to keep our hands off of each other….or the large cock next to us either!! Over 700 photos and one hour of video in this crazy adventure. Stay tuned for the videos to start on Tuesday!! Lots of hot group, outdoor fucking and sucking action that you won’t want to miss!! Enjoy!!

Well, our new HottieWife, Amber, and her husband, take me for a walk on the “Wild Side!!” I though I was just going over to Chilie’s to go out to a fetish “costume” party…..but oh, no!!  As you will see, it was the real thing and my ass, along with other things,  was bright red by the end of the night. I had a great time and they may even have talked me into going to “Fetish Con” in Tampa in 2 weeks….:)  The second set of photos are posted today with the final 6 videos coming on Thursday!!  Enjoy!!

Yet another bar meet. This was last years bar meet in November. Do we know how to have fun, or what?? It was another great turn out at our November Member’s Bar Meet. We had a great crowd of over 100 people who where ready to party!! In fact, the two hotties to the left will be joining us in the HottieWives soon!! Lots of web girls, couples and guys came out and we all had a great time!! Don’t miss our December party…..Santa will be there, and of course his little helpers all dressed up, and we will be having lots of giveaways!! Enjoy!!

Watch the finale’ of my relaxing bubble bath with Double Dee. She asked me to come over, and little did I know she had a big surprise in store for me……:) What could be more relaxing than taking a hot bubble bath with Dee? (I can’t think of anything.) But as you can see, you know what always happens when we get together…..we just can’t seem to keep our hands off of each other…..:) Another 150 photos now posted along with the final 15 minutes of video.


This Adventure was a Member’s Photo Shoot Idea. He loves feet, and wanted me to foot fuck another woman. This was new to us, so Double Dee and I got together….. and you know what always happens then…… I made her cum two times, and we loved it!! Posted today are over 100 photos. There are 12 videos that go with this series along with more photos. These can be found in our February, 2006 archives. All of you foot guys out there… won’t want to miss this kinky action!!

Wouldn’t you like to have this group of hot chicks at your pool? You know you would!! Wait ’till you see what happens in the final videos and photo galleries that are now posted!! Ever had a blow job pool side? Well, we had all the guys lined up and they loved it!! The neighbors where dying of curiosity with all the noise as the hot, outdoor, group sex goes on, in, and outside the pool!! Another 100 more photos posted today along with the final 5 videos. What a great series!! I am glad you all enjoyed it!!

Wild Bill and I were over at our friend David’s house one night and there was a really cute guy there that I was kinda’ flirting with. Well, Bill wanted to see me give him a blow job and well, finding any privacy was tough. The next thing I know David, and some other friends, are headed upstairs with the video camera in hand…….:) You know me, I love to have an audience and he wasn’t shy either. He fucks my face good and I get a great cum load!!

There were no shy members at this party, that’s for sure!! In Part I the girls got the action started and then the guys jumped in…..lots of pussy licking and cock sucking action!!  And today, in Part II the fucking starts and the cum starts flying everywhere!! You know me….I love cum and get a huge load dumped on my tits!!  The second set of 100 photos are now posted and today the final 6 videos are up for you to view. Do we know how to treat our member’s or what?  Enjoy!!

We had our Member’s Bar Meet last Thursday night, here in Tampa. As usual, we had a great turn out of the “HotttieWives,” as well as our member’s, and quite a few couples…..everyone was looking to have some fun…..and we always do!! Some young dancers showed up and got the party going with some great pole dancing and then the clothes started coming off!! Want to see how much fun we really have?? Well, check out the 100 photos that I have now posted!! Enjoy!!


Take a peak at the photos and videos and welcome one of our new HottieWives to the group. Chillie and her husband David did……..and they did a great job at it!! Hey….no fair!! Wild Bill and I are jealous, but we will have our way with her one day soon…..and I am looking forward to it!! David is working hard on her member’s area and he told me that it was just near completion, so stay tuned for some more, new, HottieWife action coming soon!!