I am glad you all enjoyed the live radio and web cam show that I did last Thursday with Screamin’ Sam, which you were able to view through the CamZ network.  For those of you that missed it I have posted about 25 minutes of the show, and a few photos. As you can see we had a great time and he would like me to come back again and bring some of my girlfriends with me to do another show……hmmmm…..maybe I will have to pack some of my dildos the next time…..:)


Take a peak at the photos and videos and welcome one of our new HottieWives to the group. Chillie and her husband David did……..and they did a great job at it!! Hey….no fair!! Wild Bill and I are jealous, but we will have our way with her one day soon…..and I am looking forward to it!! David is working hard on her member’s area and he told me that it was just near completion, so stay tuned for some more, new, HottieWife action coming soon!!


This Adventure was a Member’s Photo Shoot Idea. He loves feet, and wanted me to foot fuck another woman. This was new to us, so Double Dee and I got together….. and you know what always happens then…… I made her cum two times, and we loved it!! Posted today are over 100 photos. There are 12 videos that go with this series along with more photos. These can be found in our February, 2006 archives. All of you foot guys out there…..you won’t want to miss this kinky action!!

It was a beautiful night out on a member’s boat & the sunset was just perfect!! What will warm things up after the sun has gone down? How ’bout some hot, swinging action!! Let me tell you, it warmed up real quick. All of the couples on board swapped partners and enjoyed some “strange cock and pussy,” as Wild Bill would have put it. Today I have posted the first 100 photos and 25 minutes of video for you to enjoy. More photos and videos cuming next week!! So stay tuned!!  Enjoy!!

Today’s adventure starts off the Member’s Gang Bang Party that we had last week, on Saturday night, March 25th!! We had a great turn out of members and Double Dee, Chillie, Roberta and I were more than willing to take on all of our member’s and have them go home satisfied!!! Roberta and I were the official “fluffers” so watch how things turn out…:) Posted last week were the first 100 photos. Today I have posted the first four videos and will be posting some more photos and videos on Thursday! Enjoy!!

You guys are going to love this one!! The boat was beautiful, the weather was perfect and the guys and gals were hot!! Yes, hot!! It did not take us long to start rubbing the sun tan oil on each other and get all worked up, and…..well, I am not going to ruin the surprise, but lets say the other boats that where passing by were wishing they were on our boat…you will too when you see the photos and videos of this wild afternoon!!! Enjoy!!

We ended our 2007 with a big holiday XXXMas Member’s gang bang party and we are ringing in 2008 with a new “glory hole” adventure!! I found a great place which had a glory hole room all set up and I take on a stranger’s big cock. I get him to stick his cock through the hole and then I and get him to cum for me which I lick up clean. Yummy!! I wonder who belongs to this nice, stiff, cock??

Was it you??

I guess I will never know…..:)

Roberta and I were at a party one night and got talking about the fact that we had never done a shoot together.  Well, you know us horny ladies…any excuse to get some cock!!  So we grabbed a couple of guys and headed upstairs and did what we do best…..fucked and sucked them off!!  We had a great time together as we both got lots of cum squirted on us!!  I get a great facial!!  Yummy!!  100 photos now posted along with 4 hot videos!! 


Wouldn’t you like to have this group of hot chicks at your pool? You know you would!! Wait ’till you see what happens in the final videos and photo galleries that are now posted!! Ever had a blow job pool side? Well, we had all the guys lined up and they loved it!! The neighbors where dying of curiosity with all the noise as the hot, outdoor, group sex goes on, in, and outside the pool!! Another 100 more photos posted today along with the final 5 videos. What a great series!! I am glad you all enjoyed it!!

HottieWife, Chilie, and I were trying to catch up on our rest one morning after we were up late one night partying at PleasureFest. Well, we did not get much rest, but what a great way to be woken up…..two large, black cocks!! So, we didn’t complain and either did the guys……:) This adventure has some great interracial swinging action and some great cum shots!! The first 100 photos are now posted along with the first 4 videos. Stay tuned next week!!